Allegory of abundance

Painted canvas with vase of fruit and flowers, shell and dolphins

A piece of art that feeds on strong intentions and authentic motivations is like a seed that slowly sprouts, grows and develops. It requires its own time – the time of creation.

Cm: 171,5 x 126
Inches: 67.5 x 49.6

Mixed media: Autentiqua’s paintings on natural canvas are made with ancient techniques combining “lean tempera” with plaster, clay, pigments, vegetable glues, and other ingredients, including some secrets of the trade handed down by skilled Master Craftsmen.

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This painting incorporates a number of metaphors drawn from mythological symbolism, with several allegorical representations of food and abundance, of prosperity, of welcome and good omen, which in ancient times were portrayed in very special contexts. That makes this piece particularly suitable as a precious wedding gift.



We conceived this work by imagining how to create a “living” painting, soft and bright like a piece of fresco detached with the “strappo” technique. We imagined a window that opens onto an ideal landscape, where a luxuriant and generous nature beautifully shows off among the sculptural elements. From this vision, we extrapolated the main scene, with a sumptuous vase of fruit and flowers in the foreground. It is supported by a large shell, with two dolphins on either side.

The textured brush strokes and the natural imperfections of hand-made art woo the Soul of Beauty, resulting in the magic of a unique and original work.



This pictorial work is made with traditional lean tempera techniques, with natural clays, pigments, and glues. The final stages of aging and patina provide the painting with the added charm and mystery of a precious object bearing the signs of time.


Shipping and customization:
The canvas is mounted on a wooden frame. The open frame is obtained from the structural framework itself.

We can also create a tailored painting on natural canvas, with custom colors and features.


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