Lily of Florence painted on canvas, white background, very worn

This painted canvas is a unique and original creation, whose distressed patina evokes the Renaissance spirit of a time and place which radiated a special atmosphere – a melody made of beauty, with the magic of imperfection.

Autentiqua’s creative imagination captures the vital soul of the Lily, enhancing its refined and elegant looks: we can almost smell its scent.

Cm: 48,5 x 40
Inches: 19.1 x 15.7

Mixed media: The result of secrets handed down by skilled Master Craftsmen and of a continuous original research, Autentiqua’s paintings are made on natural canvas with ancient “lean tempera” techniques, with plaster, clay, pigments, vegetable glues and other ingredients.



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The Florentine Lily is the stylized representation of an iris in full bloom. Full of vital energy, it is a symbol of purity, fertility and procreation, birth and rebirth.

Suitable for any room, this sober monochromatic version of the Florentine Lily conveys the sense of pride and the emotion of belonging to the City of Florence.



The infinite variations of Autentiqua’s painted Lilies – all unique and original works – are the result of in-depth philological research. Each piece is handcrafted with the utmost attention to detail, with unique features to make it an exclusive creation.



The symmetrical shape of the painted Lily is precise and rigorous, yet light and dreamy at the same time. It is made of gestural brush strokes, with highlights and shadows that enhance its contours and symbolic value. The overall effect is a symphony of multiple balances.

Autentiqua’s paintings are made with ancient traditional lean tempera techniques, with plaster, clay, pigments, and vegetable glues. The final steps of aging and distressing enrich the painting with the charm and mystery of a precious, timeless work.

The textured finish of the surface is made up of cracks, frayings, chippings, patinas, and layerings that remind us of ancient frescoed walls.


Shipping and customization:

The canvas is very sturdy and can be easily rolled up for safe shipping in a small mailing tube.

Upon request, we can frame the painting or mount the canvas on a wooden panel, preferably without glass.

We can always provide made-to-measure variants, with customized colors and sizes.

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