6 Rosettes painted on natural canvas

Modular elements suitable to compose a large picture of custom dimensions

Cm: 30 x 30 cad.
Inches: 11.9 x 11.9 cad.

Mixed media: Autentiqua’s paintings on natural canvas are made with ancient techniques combining “lean tempera” with plaster, clay, pigments, vegetable glues, and other ingredients, including some secrets of the trade handed down by skilled Master Craftsmen.


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Rosettes became widely used in Italy starting from the 12th century. They also were very popular in Renaissance architecture.

Rosettes bear many symbolic meanings, and they are often used in close relationship with the symbolism of the circle and the wheel. Quite obviously, not only did they have an ornamental function, but they signified contemplation – a call to Heaven, to the sacred.

This, together with the small size of the individual panels and the versatility of a modular composition, makes the Autentiqua Rosettes particularly suitable for intimate and cozy spaces such as professional studios and waiting rooms, home offices, living rooms, or anterooms.



Autentiqua’s Rosettes are the result of a long research and practice in reworking ancient drawings, patterns, and pictorial details. Each of our rosettes painted on canvas is a unique and original piece, part of an extensive project of individual modular elements. You can use several individual elements to develop and compose a larger painting of custom dimensions, in different shapes and sizes.

Our pictorial interpretation of the Rosette stems from a creative process that distills the spirit of floral, geometric, and fantasy elements. The works in this series draw inspiration and feed upon the immense artistic heritage ranging from the Renaissance to the present day, and including the different artistic styles that have been typical of Florence, Tuscany, and other Italian regions of Italy across the centuries.



Autentiqua’s paintings are made with ancient traditional lean tempera techniques, with plaster, earth, pigments, and vegetable glues on natural canvas. A long process carried out exclusively by hand provides an added flavor of the past and the charm of wear, with a harmony that reveals the incredible wealth of details that emerge from the color and the material, and enrich the painting with the magic and mystery of a precious and timeless piece of art.

The symmetrical shape of the painted rosette is bright and dreamy, with the touches of gestural brushstrokes made of light and shadows that enhance its refined look. The textured finish of the surface is made up of cracks, fraying, chippings, patinas, and layering that remind us of the ancient frescoed walls.

With more Rosettes you can create a large, modular picture of custom dimensions.


Shipping and customization:

Each canvas can be rolled up and easily transported in a container tube.

If required we can provide a custom frame, with or without glass.

Upon request we can also mount the canvas on an open wooden panel (without frame and without glass), to make it resemble a detached fragment of fresco.

We can also create a custom-made painting on natural canvas, with tailored colors and features.

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