At Autentiqua, it is our priority to always and only accept projects we believe in, and that we feel have a remarkable potential. This is the only way for us to create pieces with a strong emotional value, and a great soul.

This means starting from an idea – the client’s own – and build from that, relying on the attention to relationship, the sensitivity and the sense of trust which are typical of a traditional “Bottega”, or art workshop.


In Florence, perhaps more than anywhere else, the glorious practice of art patronage and art commissioning has produced immortal works over the centuries. Florentine artists and artisans have always put their creativity and their skills at the service of enlightened clients, and Autentiqua continues this centuries-old tradition with pride and dedication, merging ancient practices and modern technology with excellent results.

In fact, Leonardo Cappellini and his Workshop have developed a workflow that allows them to create commissioned art works entirely through virtual contacts, via e-mail: through high-resolution photographs, drawings and projects, written texts and descriptions.

“Over the centuries, art patronage has made it possible to create wonderful artworks…”

Because of this process, and thanks to Leonardo Cappellini’s refined taste and ability with colors, patinas and materials, Autentiqua’s relations with architects, antique dealers, gallery owners, interior decorators, collectors and art lovers have expanded from Florence and Tuscany, first to Italy, and then worldwide.


There are no limits to what can be done. For example, we can design a custom piece starting from a completely original idea, and give life to a unique, made-to-measure work.


You will have your say in the creation of your fully tailored painting by choosing design and sizes, color palette and patinas, features and traditional elements.

“Create the painting of your dreams, on natural canvas or on antique wood, just as you want it to be.”

In short, you will be able to develop and define the piece as you imagined it, and to choose every detail from multiple solutions, with only your imagination as the limit.

… And, finally, you will see your idea materialize; you will be able to touch it with your hands, and be amazed at the results, savoring the pleasure of being the mind behind an original painting and being entitled to claim its inception, just as you envisaged it.


All this is feasible only through an intense work of research, study, development and creation, whose common denominator is the fact that in every step of the process, we always keep in close contact with the customer, sharing choices and solutions.

The process developed over the years by Autentiqua to create fully-customized paintings upon commission includes:

  • listening to the customer, and providing feedback on their request;
  • studying and researching solutions suitable for the space for which the painting is meant, including the existing decor;
  • defining the size and proportions;
  • quoting a cost estimate;
  • providing the client with photo reference to identify the style;
  • creating a completely original design;
  • submitting a full-size sketch;
  • choosing the color palette and patinas with custom samples;
  • sending photographs at the different stages of the process;
  • sending photographs of the completed work.


 “Today, just like in the past, the work is carried out with the utmost attention to detail, and each time the result is a unique, original and magical painting.”