A traditional art workshop
with a strong contemporary vision

Autentiqua, unique artworks.
Florence Italy

Welcome to the Autentiqua Art Studio Gallery

An Artist's atelier in the heart of the Oltrarno quarter in Florence

Purchasing an art piece means giving yourself a treasured gift whose value will appreciate with time; but more importantly, it means becoming the custodian of talents and messages that are a bridge between past and future.

Love for art, the passion for restoration, a mastery of traditional techniques, the desire to give shape to creativity by constantly experimenting new projects. Autentiqua is all this, and much more: it’s a traditional workshop in the heart of Florence, where past and present meet.

Through this site, we aim to open the doors of our art studio to the public – architects, antique dealers, gallery owners, interior designers, collectors and art lovers – by displaying a significant selection of our artistic production, which ranges from traditional paintings to contemporary works, and from art photography to the custom-made creations fully tailored on the client’s needs and requirements.

Unique pieces reminiscent of ancient paintings

Autentiqua’s paintings are works of art that incorporate authentically antique materials and techniques in authentically new pieces; exclusive painted artworks on canvas, on wooden board or on ancient fragments, which feed on the immense artistic heritage that goes from the Renaissance to the present day, and whose main feature is attention to detail.

Fully tailored pieces created on commission

Autentiqua has developed a process to create commissioned works via remote contacts, by constantly sharing choices and solutions at every stage of the creative process. You can approach us with your own idea, and rely on the sensitivity and relationship of trust typical of the craftsmen’s tradition to produce a finished piece just as you imagined it.

Photo prints from the "Soul of the Workshop" collection

Always open to explore new ways to combine past and future, Autentiqua also engages with photography. The creative process sometimes originates from an intuition, other times from a conceptual synthesis. The composition plays with colors and shapes, lights and shadows, to celebrate the passion and warmth that pervade the Workshop and its materials.

Magnetic creations that evoke other possible readings

Autentiqua is also passionate about producing contemporary artworks by leveraging in novel ways its precious capital of traditional tools, know-how and materials. Experience becomes the substance to create something that transcends the boundaries of the real and tangible – where matter mingles with abstraction, sensitivity and interiority.