Pair of canvases painted with Grotesques and landscapes in black and white

These two large vertical paintings on canvas are unique and original creations, crafted with distressed and aged materials. The stretcher frame is made from sturdy wood.

The visual composition evokes Renaissance atmospheres inspired by the frescoes of palaces in central Italy, especially in Tuscany.

Cm: 141 x 95 each
Inches: 55.5 x 37.4 each

Mixed media: Autentiqua’s paintings are made on natural canvas in “lean tempera” with chalk, clay, pigments, vegetable glues and other ingredients, using ancient techniques handed down by skilled Master Craftsmen.

These paintings come equipped with a very sturdy iron hook on the back of the frame, so they are ready to hang on the wall.

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Grotesque decorations are a fantastic and lively repertoire of imaginary subjects and plant motifs mixed with bizarrely deformed human and animal figures, like dream-like visions. The impression of creative and airy extravagance is even more enhanced by the use of contrasting color combinations.

Autentiqua’s grotesque paintings on natural canvas are particularly versatile and suitable for a variety of spaces. We can imagine them in elegant reception rooms or anterooms in hospitality or executive contexts, to intrigue and entertain customers while they wait.



The wide repertoire of whimsical grotesque subjects painted on natural canvas by Autentiqua stems from an in-depth philological research and from a creative activity pursued with dedication and care down to the smallest detail. It is the result of a constant reworking of the immense artistic heritage dating from the Renaissance to the present.

The Grotesque style resulted from the discovery of the ancient Roman frescoes in Nero’s Domus Aurea, whose remains – buried underneath the ruins of the Baths of Titus and Trajan in Rome – were called “grotte” (caves): hence the term “grotesque”.



Autentiqua’s Grotesques are the result of a well-honed manual interpretation, where the pictorial elements take shape from gestural brush strokes whose color enhances the contours and volumes, and where the skillful combination of midtones, shadows and highlights creates enchanting harmonies.

A long process carried out exclusively by hand provides an added flavor of the past and the charm of wear, with a harmony that reveals the incredible wealth of details that emerge from the color and the material, and enrich the painting with the magic and mystery of a precious and timeless work.


We can also create custom-made paintings on natural canvas to suit your needs, with tailored colors and features.


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