Mask and birds painted on canvas, mounted on an antique wooden frame

This large painted canvas in landscape format is a unique and original creation by Autentiqua, crafted with distressed and aged materials; the frame is made of antique wood.

Cm: 71 x 139
Inches: 27.9 x 54.7

Mixed media: Autentiqua’s paintings on natural canvas are made with ancient techniques combining “lean tempera” with plaster, clay, pigments, vegetable glues, and other ingredients, including some secrets of the trade handed down by skilled Master Craftsmen.

This painting comes equipped with a very sturdy iron hook on the back of the frame, so it is ready to hang.


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In distant times, up to the Renaissance and beyond, “Mascheroni” symbolized strength and protection from misfortunes. Over the centuries, both painted and sclupted mascarons have been created in the most bizarre shapes.

Its horizontal format makes this painting suitable for a reception space, but it would also fit perfectly above an elegant sofa or at the back of an executive desk, as well as an original headboard, while the monochromatic palette adapts to any decor.



The Grotesque masks of the past had an apotropaic function and were inspired by hybrid zoomorphic and anthropomorphic figures with whimsical and extravagant features. They were often placed above entrance gates and doors as a sign of welcome; in other cases, their grimaces aimed to frighten or mock any trespassers.

Autentiqua’s paintings are the result of careful iconographic research. Each piece is handcrafted with the utmost philological attention to detail, resulting in a unique and original work.



Each piece is hand-made with ancient traditional lean tempera techniques, with plaster, clay, pigments, and vegetable glues on natural canvas. The final steps of aging and distressing enrich the painting with the added charm of a precious, timeless piece of art.

The textured finish of the surface is made up of cracks, frayings, chippings, patinas, and layerings that remind us of ancient frescoed walls.

We can create “tailor-made” paintings on natural canvas, with colors and features to match the client’s needs.

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