Remote, exhibit N.04 a, b

Pair of wall-mounted or free-standing sculptural paintings (2016)

These two sculptural works are unique and original creations conceived, designed and created by Autentiqua.

Cm: 72 x 32 x 10
Inches: 28.3 x 12.5 x 3.9

Mixed media: Old wood, clays, pigments, plaster, vegetable glues, patinas and other ingredients, with some secrets of the trade handed down by skilled Master Craftsmen.


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Remote. Distant in time. Between matter and symbol, unavoidable deconstruction.

Like found fragments, remote roots, unidentified relics; we investigate and research.

Traces of a mysterious language, the power of time sinks into the unknown; intentions are extinguished.



Autentiqua is a traditional art workshop located in the heart of Florence. Its history stems from the tradition of the ancient Florentine workshops, where the figure of the craftsman and the artist blended into a single know-how, and manual skills and art were two sides of the same coin.



These two sculptures were made using old traditional techniques, with carefully selected antique wood, clays, pigments, plaster, vegetable glues and patinas. They are assembled with joints and pins.

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