Remembrances C02

Wall-mounted sculptural painting (2012)

This pictorial work with sculptural element is a unique and original creation conceived, designed and created by Autentiqua.

Cm: 100 x 220
Inches: 39.4 x 86.6

Mixed media: Natural canvas on wood, pigments, plaster, vegetable glues, patinas and other ingredients, with some secrets of the trade handed down by skilled Master Craftsmen.

This piece comes equipped with very sturdy iron hooks, so it is ready to hang.

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Stratifications, stacking layers, a succession of multiple stages over time.



The history of Autentiqua stems from the tradition of the ancient Florentine workshops, where the figure of the craftsman and the artist merged into a single know-how, and manual skills and art were two sides of the same coin.



In the artist’s manual and gestural intervention, thick layers build up one after the other with controlled randomness, to create and compose a texture interspersed with different shades of color.


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