Prelude, large grotesque mask

Painted on natural canvas mounted on a wooden frame

This oversized Mascherone of majestic dimensions steals the scene and summons fantastic, whimsical and bizarre atmospheres, evoking distant memories of legendary stories, mysterious places and bygone times.

Cm: 240 x 240
Inches: 94.5 x 94.5

Mixed media: Autentiqua’s paintings on natural canvas are made with ancient techniques combining “lean tempera” with plaster, clay, pigments, vegetable glues, and other ingredients, including some secrets of the trade handed down by skilled Master Craftsmen.

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Resembling a God of the Winds, this large Grotesque Mask exudes strength and wisdom.

The upper part of the painting features two Griffins, symbols of custody and vigilance. They cling to a large shell, which embraces and contains the intense “Mascherone”.

Its large dimensions make it suitable for a reception room. For example, we can envision it in the elegant lobby of an exclusive hotel.



This piece originates from the urge to create an unexpected painting, a timeless work. The composition of the scene includes references to a prophetic mythological image.

In very distant times – up to the Renaissance, but also in the following centuries – oversized masks were the symbolic representation of strength and protection from misfortune, with an apotropaic function.

Grotesque masks were inspired by zoomorphic and anthropomorphic hybrid figures with whimsical and extravagant features.

Over the centuries, pictorial and sculptural mascarons have been created in the most bizarre shapes. They were often placed above entrance gates and doors as a sign of welcome; in other cases, their grimaces, aim to frighten or mock any trespassers.



The figurative project was conceived starting from a well-defined idea of color/non-color – from lights to shadows, from white to black, through countless nuances and shades of gray; brushstroke upon brushstroke, sign after sign, until the three-dimensional forms take shape in a surreal, dreamlike vision.

The textured finish of the surface is made up of cracks, frayings, chippings, patinas, and layerings that remind us of the worn-out frescoed walls of long inhabited rooms, still bearing the traces of age-old stories.


Upon request, we can create “made-to-measure” paintings on natural canvas, with color and features customized according to the client’s needs.


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