Remembrances F05

Wall-mounted sculptural painting (2010)

This mixed-media art work combining sculpture and painting is a unique and original creation conceived, designed and created by Autentiqua.

Cm: 181 x 105 x 10
Inches: 71.3 x 41.3 x 3.9

Mixed media: Old wooden window frame. Natural canvas on wood, earths, pigments, gypsum, vegetable glues, patinas and other ingredients.

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Experience becomes the matter to create something that goes beyond the boundaries of the real and tangible, reaching new horizons where substance mingles with abstraction, sensitivity, and interiority.



Studies for an art work consist of multiple phases – the necessary stages of a process of elaboration and deconstruction.



The love for art, the passion for restoration, the mastery of traditional techniques, the desire to give shape to creativity by constantly experimenting new projects. Autentiqua is all this, and much more: it’s an art workshop in the heart of Florence, where past and present meet.


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