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Story of a traditional workshop of art in the heart of Florence

The history of Autentiqua goes back to the tradition of ancient Florentine workshops, where the craftsman and artist were one, combining roles and skills; where handicraft and art were two sides of the same coin.
Since 1958, this is the imprint that Marino Cappellini has been giving to the workshop where he started the restorer's craft. Restoration is an art that he first learned from master craftsmen and then went on to develop in a personal manner, combining experience and a distinctive artistic feeling. Marino Cappellini's collaboration with architects, antique dealers and interior designers has spread from Tuscany to Italy and then abroad, thanks to his elegant taste and his ability to draw the best out of colours and materials.

The skills and the passion for art were handed down by Marino Cappellini to his children, Tiziana and Leonardo, who now share the same fond love for the craft of restoration as their father, and who nourish an important tradition which is at the same time historic, artistic and cultural.
Leonardo Cappellini started training in the workshop in 1985, day upon day, as an apprentice at his father's side and surrounded by many master artisans who were trained to work in close proximity with art, in a Florence of bygone times. Those characters, teachings and stories are impossible to forget, and Leonardo keeps paying homage to them with each of his creations.
His sister Tiziana followed a different route: she attended the Accademia delle Belle Arti in Florence, and this enabled her to gain a more formal knowledge of art history and of the different techniques.
Through different and complementary routes, Leonardo and Tiziana have both learnt the techniques and tricks of the trade, and they manage to combine in a perfect union theory and practice, passion and knowledge, history and innovation – all spiced up with a personal creative vein. This is how Autentiqua's creations originate: from a masterly combination of the bygone flavour of an object or a piece of material that carry their own history, and a unique, authentic artistic reinvention of each individual piece.