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chest of drawers
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chest of drawers

Consolidated, restored and painted

The architecture of this mobile is simple. Two big drawers are built in a very clean structure which is carried by four curved legs, giving the taste of a very gentle architecture.
The interpretation of the decoration is refined.
The decoration of the two drawers has false frames in a pale colored priming coat. Into the frames there are polychrome paintings of leaves. In the front of the commode, near the lock of each drawer, a peculiar painting of a little head into a shell.
Even both sides are decorated with false frames on a pale colored coat, and a group of falling vine leaves and acanthus leaves with buds ends with harmony the whole pictorial work.
The top of the commode has a false marble decoration.
This "comò" has a very refined and elegant look, with sober color tones which remind the stuccoes and the frescoes of the luxury buildings.

Cm. H. 90 x L. 127 x P. 58
Inches H. 35.4 x W. 50 x D. 22.9