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Bureau Grotesque
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Bureau Grotesque

Consolidated and restored

The work of restoration respects the characters of the XVIII century (central Italy).
The architecture of this furniture is gentle and linear, it has three big drawers and a smaller one in a upper position. The flap door overturns on a "Theatre effect" inside, architecturally elaborated, full of very little drawers. Some of these drawers are hidden, creating little secret rooms that were used to hide precious objects.
The furniture is finely painted with elaborated and freakish Grotesque, with imaginary figures, dragons, butterflies, birds, little baskets of leaves and flowers, drapes, brocades, ribbons and a huge variety of ornamental motives, a fanciful and sparkling repertoire. On the main surfaces, the Grotesque frame monochrome panels, representing mythological scenes, atmospheres of peace and pleasure.
The colours of the decorations alternate gentle and merry, on a white background.

Cm. H. 105 x L. 109,5 x P. 47,5
Inches H. 41.3 x W. 43.3 x D. 18.5