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Cartouche and Parrots
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Cartouche and Parrots

Large painted canvas with “salvadora” style frame

A double cartouche, embellished with volutes and scrolls, with drapery opening like a theatre curtain and showing the meeting of two parrots, like a window on an ideal world.
The parrots have a wide-ranging symbology, they are both a good omen, and a praise for nature which becomes a theme worth telling.
The composition shows elements of frescoes from the 17th-Century and later, that can be found in several important palaces in central Italy, particularly Tuscany.

Cm. H. 131 x L. 182
Inches H. 51.6 x W. 71.6


Today, just like in the past, the work is carried out with great care for detail, resulting in a unique and exclusive piece that only comes to life after a thorough philological research.
The canvas is processed with traditional techniques, and painted using colouring earths and natural pigments.
The framework is made of antique wood.
The “salvadora” style frame is also made of antique wood, hand-carved and distressed.