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Modular panels painted in Grotesque
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Modular panels painted in Grotesque

Painted with natural pigments

This little painted wood panel, is a unique and original work belonging to a bigger project of modular elements, a huge variety of imaginative and polychrome Grotesques.
With a certain number of panels, it is possible to develop and create a variable dimensions picture, in many different sizes and dimensions.
The painting is obtained using traditional techniques, with “tempera magra”, pigments and natural glues. The final stage of ageing and coating-patina give this little painting the appeal of an object coming from the past.

Cm: 24 x 24
Inches: 9.5 x 9.5



Typical frescoes of the Renaissance, originated from the discovery of the Roman frescoes of Nerone's Domus Aurea, whose ruins, buried under the remains of the Thermal Baths of Tito and Traiano in Rome. From the term “grotta” (cavern), the word “Grotesque”.
The elements of that ancient ornamental repertoire were inspiration for the artists of the Renaissance who created a new kind of decoration, exalting inventiveness and artistic freedom, searching till the extreme limit for everything new, outstanding, strange and unnatural.
The Grotesque decoration is distinguished by fantastic subjects, motives of plants mixed with human subjects and bizarre deformed animals, like satyrs, nymphs, dragons, little angels, dolphins, birds, butterflies, vases and baskets with flowers and leaves, drapes, bands and ribbons, a huge variety of colours and ornamental motives, a world of dream creatures, a peculiar and lively repertoire.