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How can contemporary art agree with – or rather spring from – a store of tools, knowledge and materials that feed on the antique?

The living answer is Leonardo Cappellini, who also creates contemporary pieces by utilizing in an uncommonly ingenious fashion his deep knowledge of materials and of restoration techniques. His experience becomes the subject matter to create something that trascends the boundaries of what is real and tangible, leading to new horizons where matter meets abstraction, sensitivity and inner life. The outcome are magnetic creations that transpire other possible readings.
This is a form of expression whose origins run in the family. In fact, Marino Cappellini has always combined his background as artisan restorer to his passion for painting. This results both in studying the works of the great masters, and in producing his own contemporary projects and paintings. Such sensitivity, that he matured with time, he passionately handed down to his children, Tiziana and Leonardo.
Studying the works consists of several stages, each of them being a necessary step in the process of elaboration and decostruction. It is a kind of introspection, during which the eye moves from outwards to inwards and the ear strains to capture intuition. Works may come to life only by letting remote feelings, memories and sensations awaken of their own accord in one's coscience. It is a process that actively involves seconding one's irrational side, walking in the footsteps of one's own “daimon”.

    Remembrance F05

    Remembrance F03

    Remembrance C01

    Remembrance C02

    Of the universe SC01

    Of the universe M01

    Of the universe M02

    Of the universe SC02

    Three of the universe

    Of the universe M03

    Hidden away (8 photographic works)

    YIN and YANG fragments contrary and opposed

    YIN and YANG

    Archaic sign 01