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Autentiqua's restoration activity is the one which more than any other marks the connection with the origins. Here lie the roots of the craft that more than fifty years ago prompted Marino Cappellini to open his workshop in the heart of Florence, next to the church of Santo Spirito.

Over the decades, Autentiqua has specialized in the consolidation and restoration of furniture and tempera paintings. Thanks to a job requiring infinite patience, great workmanship, experience and accuracy, antique objects of timeless value regain their original glory without losing the patina of time, that warmth which only a well-loved object may have.
The process comprises several stages, involving traditional materials, methods and techniques dating back from the Florentine Renaissance. The first steps include a delicate cleaning process, followed by the stages of consolidation and conservation both of the material and of the stucture of the object. Later, the intervention continues on the pictorial medium: if the painted object shows traces of priming, colour or sinopia, then a conservative restoration is the next step. Otherwise, the missing parts are reinterpreted and completed anew, based on a scrupulous philological research and always in compliance with the style, the period and the place of origin of the object.

    Large sideboard with four doors

    St. Peter and St. Paul

    Chest painted with monochromatic landscapes

    Emilian chest of drawers

    Sideboard Tuscany, monochromatic white

    Baroque table

    Tuscan table

    Chest of drawers, light color

    Bureau monochrome pink-red

    Bureau Grotesque

    Three doors wardrobe light blue

    Cabinet yellow

    Cabinet of weaving and embroidering

    Tuscany door

    Sideboard Tuscany, light blue

    Tuscany cupboard

    Emilian coat-of-arms

    Double door, sicilian

    Rustic sideboard, monochromatic light blu

    Commode Louis XVI

    Double door, light yellow and decorations

    Two doors cabinet polychrome decorated

    Chest of drawers, Grotesque and landscapes