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At Autentiqua, we have perfected a process that enables us to work on projects even through remote interactions. This means that you may start from an idea – your own idea – and then rely on the attention, the sensitivity and the relationship of trust which is typical of a workshop.

Possibilities are endless. For instance, we may plan a job based on an entirely original design, which will result in a unique piece. Or we can build your dream bookcase or a custom-made table, just the way you want it to be. You may even take part in the creation of a painting by choosing the palette, size, features and traditional elements to incorporate. In short, you may help develop and define the object that you envisioned, choosing every detail among multiple solutions, with imagination as the only limit. And, at last, you will see your idea take shape, and you will be able to touch it. You will be amazed at the outcome, and you will feel the pleasure of knowing you are the author of an original piece, whose concept you may claim as your own. All this is possible only thanks to an intensive activity of research, study, development and creation, during which a constant feature is always present: sharing choices and solutions. Above all, at Autentiqua it is important to always and only take on projects we believe in, and whose potential we keenly perceived. This is the only way we can create objects that have both a soul, and a sentimental value.

    Large Bookcase

    Sideboard raw wood, carved, patina

    Open bookcase, white

    Couple of small boxes, light blu

    Grotesques in black and white with landscapes

    Modular panels painted in Grotesque

    Sideboard raw wood, patina

    Klingspor Family Crest

    Consumed wood table

    Sideboard with two doors, white and patina

    Open bookcase

    Corner cabinet, monochrome

    Painted canvas with refined Grotesque

    Tuscan wardrobe, monochromatic white

    Mantelpiece mirror

    Tuscan coat-of-arms

    Cartouche with natural elements

    Folding screen florentine