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The pieces of furniture that come from the Autentiqua workshop are one-off items, and it couldn't be otherwise. They are exclusive objects, each with a story to tell. They are pieces that trascend the common idea of furniture, and become objects worth living.

From the design to the finishing touches, every detail is carefully executed by combining handiwork and an in-depth research into the several different styles from the Renaissance to the present day. This is how tables, cupboards, bookcases, cupboards, dressers, doors, mirrors and other art objects are made: by coupling the knowledge of traditional craft techniques and raw materials consisting of antique components and wood. Wear and patina – accomplished with the same techniques used in restoration – give the finishing touches to the piece, and lend it all the charm of times gone by.
Many are the techniques that Autentiqua adopts to finish its pieces, such as the delicate and elegant decorations inspired by the characters in the “Grotesques”, which can make each space unique. Even more distinctive is the effect produced by the elegant paintings that Autentiqua carries out on its objects. A blend of materials and colour produces pieces that are both rustic and elegant at the same time, where the white, blue and ochre yellow of natural pigments merge with the antique wood of the structure, which is enhancd by patient antiquing. The pieces made of distressed and patinated natural wood are distinctive, warm, and timeless.

    Sideboard Tuscany, monochromatic white

    Sideboard raw wood, carved, patina

    Two doors cabinet polychrome decorated

    Bureau monochrome pink-red

    Rustic sideboard, monochromatic light blu

    Open bookcase, white

    Sideboard raw wood, patina

    Chest painted with monochromatic landscapes

    Emilian chest of drawers

    Cabinet yellow

    Chest of drawers, light color

    Baroque table

    Couple of small boxes, light blu

    Tuscan table

    Three doors wardrobe light blue

    Large sideboard with four doors