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Authentic: that's what Autentiqua's paintings always are. They are exclusive works of art hand painted on canvas, on wood or on antique fragments, and their chief feature is the accuracy of detail. Autentiqua's works are collector's pieces that evoke ancient paintings. They are works of art that combine a truly antique material with a truly new subject.

It is impossible, even for a careless eye, not to be impressed by the harmonious composition of the works. This harmony captures the eye and leads it to a more thorough analysis, which reveals an unexpected wealth of details ispired by the features of a certain style or fashion of the past.
A long process gives back to the subjects the appeal of the past and the charm of wear, such as parts of canvas surfacing from the colour, which enhance the work with the incomparable flavour of time. However, they are never just copies of previously portrayed subjects: each work is a unique and original creation that only materialized after a careful process of philological research.
The works draw from the immense art heritage spanning from the Renaissance to the present day, touching the many artistic styles that over the centuries were characteristic of Florence, Tuscany and the other regions of Italy.

    Cartouche and Parrots

    Grotesques in black and white with landscapes

    Cartouche with natural elements

    Modular panels painted in Grotesque

    Mask and birds, light gray

    Natural elements on a dark background

    Natural elements on a light background

    Winged figures and landscape

    Couple of fragment painted white light

    Three small paintings, vases and fruit

    Cartouche and the Tuscan landscape

    Grotesque mask polychrome

    Grotesques polychrome

    Grotesques painted in black and white

    Grotesque mask and griffins, square table, framed

    Grotesque mask and shell, dark background

    Grotesque mask and shell, white background

    Grotesque mask and griffins

    Grotesque on a black background

    Octagon "Raffaellesche"

    Fragment decorated in white

    Grotesque mask and birds

    Couple of small coat-of-arms

    Painted canvas with refined Grotesque